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The Maputo International School, founded in 1975, caters for the children of both expatriate and Mozambican families. We have the staff and facilities to offer a first class education from pre-school to pre-university.

Our School is a registered Cambridge Primary and Secondary School and  an accredited Cambridge exams center.

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Extra- Curricular activities



    Why should I choose IGCSE Art and Design?

    • Art and Design widens your creative skills through painting, drawing, designing and photo shooting.
    • Art and Design develops your critical thinking, imagination and creativity.
    • Art and design trains you to focus on tasks and deliver good quality work.
    • Art and Design Develops your confidence, enthusiasm and sense of achievement.
    • Art and Design helps you to understand other cultures and history that you can relate to your work.
    • Art and Design gives you a solid foundation before pursuing higher/other related courses.

    Is it for me?

    • Are you a creative individual who enjoys all types of drawing, painting, illustration and design work?
    • Do you have a passion for expressing your ideas and feelings in both two-and three-dimensions?
    • Do you want to improve your drawing techniques and learn new graphic skills that can help enhance your visual work across the curriculum?
    • Do you have determination and patience?
    • Are you willing to put time and effort into developing your ideas?


    • You will be expected to develop and research your ideas both in school and outside of school hours.
    • Your  will be expected to use your sketchbook in order to develop your ideas and act as a journal showing your artistic development.
    • You will be taught to use various types of media and will encouraged to experiment.
    • You will be introduced to use photo - editing software and will be expected to pursue this in your own studies.
    • You will be expected to provide basic art equipment:
    1. Sketch book A4 & A3
    2. Different grades of pencils
    3. Paint brushes
    4. Small-tipped ink pen (fine line)
    5. ruler

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  • Excursions


    It is a school policy to organise class excursions within Maputo, further a field in Mozambique and to other countries during the year. This is part of the British National Curriculum and is seen as not only educational in its narrow sense, but also as an enriching, confidence building exercise. 

    In the past, there have been Middle School trips to the Drakensberg Mountains, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Pequenos Lebombos, while the Upper School have visited Zimbabwe, the Drakensberg, Kruger National Park, Morrungulo and Inhaca Island.





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  • MIS News

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  • School Clubs

    We have the following clubs:

    • Tennis
    • Swiming
    • Football
    • chess
    • ITC


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  • Sports


    At M.I.S. we believe that sports is integral to development and education. There are two areas in the School where sports are played: one, area opposite the classrooms which is used for football, netball, tennis and two, the all-weather hard court ground with floodlight facilities across the road, where basketball and football are played.

    The School Swimming pool is used for both PE lessons and water polo. Swimming coaching is part of the extra-curricular programme. galas for each different section are held in April. See Swiming Pool regulations  here

    Athletic competitions are held in July for both Primary and Secondary Sections at the Parque dos Continuadores in town and swimming galas take place in April .From the upper years of Primary onwards, students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of sports programmes, including inter-house and inter-school competitions. Our athletics programme includes:




    Field Hockey

    Track and Field

    Cross Country







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About Us

The Maputo International School, founded in 1975, caters for the children of both expatriate and Mozambican families. We have the staff and facilities to offer a first class education from pre-school to pre-university.

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