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Our 2021 MIS Virtual Career Day, was a success! Guests of different careers/professions, business owners and companies joined our virtual classrooms to share their experiences with our high school students. That was the best inspirational way for MIS students to hear about their dream jobs; listening to experienced people in the field. All the presentations done by the guests aroused more desire to become the best professionals and also inspired those who would wish to follow the same dream.

While our upper high school students were participating in the virtual presentations with our invited guests, the lower secondary was involved in an internal exhibition prepared by students and teachers about different professions. Excitement and new discoveries were visible as the students discovered the secrets and rewards behind each profession. This was a different way of showing our lower secondary students what they can expect in future and that they can start at this early age to think of what they can become when they grow up.

Please follow the links below to review the presentations:

1.Nadia Machiana: owner of Nadu Care

2.Fernando Magallanes: Consul of the Spanish Embassy

3.Nélia Huo & Rosa Timba: Models

4.Cristina Sanches: MIS teacher

4.Timóteo Joaquim: Computer engineer

5.Jay Garrido: Professional Photographer

6.Leandro Da Costa (Sir Leo): Producer and sound engineer

7.Sergio Henriques and Heleen Henriques: Architects

8.Elsa Maherry: Medical Doctor

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