Music is a universal language that can engage and inspire children. Learning a musical instrument or simply appreciat­ing a broader range of musical genres develops the mind and spirit in unique ways. It also provides a source of joy and satisfaction that can last a lifetime. Music has a central place in the curriculum at MIS. Musical education, therefore, begins in the early years program and continues right throughout the student's life at MIS allowing students to develop an appreciation and love for music whilst horning their musical skills.

Throughout the year, a busy schedule of concerts and musical workshops provide children with the opportunities to showcase their work and talent, both in the school and in the wider community.

Whole class instrumental music lessons provide every child with the opportunity to discover and learn an in­strument they enjoy. Individual lessons are also provided during the school day for children who wish to make faster progress on their chosen instrument.

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The Maputo International School, founded in 1976, caters for the children of both expatriate and Mozambican families.

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