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The Maputo International School, founded in 1975, caters for the children of both expatriate and Mozambican families. We have the staff and facilities to offer a first class education from pre-school to pre-university.

Our school is a member of A.I.S.A. (Association of Independent Schools of Africa).
To provide a balanced education, fostering global awareness within a secure, positive environment, where children can fulfill their potential.
  • To promote high academic standards.
  • To encourage high standards of behaviour with particular emphasis on self-discipline, responsibility, tolerance, industry and courtesy.
  • To develop an understanding of and respect for the range of cultures within our community.
  • To encourage a sense of enquiry that values creativity and that develops the intellectual and analytical skills.
  • To involve parents in a meaningful partnership in achieving these aims.
All applicants must be interviewed by the Director and/or the appropriate Key Stage Head, and decisions taken are based on the availability of places and, at senior level, on qualifications and age.

Parents wishing to enrol a child must:

  • complete an application form which may be obtained from the secretary or downloaded from this site.
  • bring any previous school records to assist in placement
  • visit the Accounts Department to make arrangements for the payment of fees.
The School Management reserves the right to refuse applicants whose records indicate problems it cannot adequately cater for. Grade placement can be difficult since the children come from a variety of different educational backgrounds. Since the School has adopted the British National Curriculum, the age entry points used in the U.K., provide a general guide. There is, however, an element of flexibility and past records, admission tests and the interview may override the age pointer. Final decisions on the placement of children rests with the Director.
Parents wishing to enroll a child must:
Complete an application form which may be abtained from the secretary ou downloaded from this site. Download application form

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